Islamic Hadith on Behavior

Hadith is seen as a guiding force to help one live a life that is pleasing to Allah.

Hadith is seen as a guiding force to help one live a life that is pleasing to Allah.

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Hadith is defined as the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad that serve as a guide for religious and moral behavior. Islamic culture uses hadith to discuss virtuous behaviors that allow a person to become closer to Allah.

A Balanced Life

Muslims are supposed to display love and hatred equally and display them both in moderation. They are also expected to exhibit moderation in every other aspect of their life such as the giving and taking of gifts and other objects. In order to be justly balanced, Muslims should follow the words and actions of Allah instead of using their own intellect or desires to determine how to live a balanced life. When Muslims decide to go against their desires in order to live a balanced life, they are seen as being pure.

An Honest Life

Those who elect to live a truthful life are seen as virtuous in Islamic culture. A truthful person is said to be closer to Allah, and they are highly appreciated because they are not ashamed of telling the truth. Along with being truthful, Muslims must not slander others. Slandering others can take away from any good deeds that one has done, and it can also destroy relationships and eliminate the chance of having unity.

A Private Life

Allah does not want his people to become involved in the affairs of others that do not concern them. Muslims are to avoid gossip, regardless of whether or not it's true. Even discussing one detail of gossip can lead a Muslim down a life of corruption.

Appreciating Life

Having free time is seen as a blessing that one can easily lose. If a person has no free time, they are not able to acknowledge the world around them. Therefore, Muslims should make free time for themselves in order to appreciate life. By humbling oneself for Allah, a person is allowing his or her heart to be content and is seen as having the greatest reward that Allah has provided. Also, being content allows a person to not let any worries or stress get in the way of devoting themselves to Allah.

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